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Bertie Askew’s DAR Membership

Lesson: Finding and Using DAR Information

Having learned from her obituary that Bertie Askew Henderson was a member of both the Daughters of the American Revoluiton (DAR) and the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), it made sense to look for copies of her applications to these organizations to see what ancestors she used to gain membership. In her UDC application I found out that she claimed William F. Askew of Raleigh, NC, as her grandfather. Her DAR application gave me information about her mother’s side of the family.

Using the DAR Genealogical Research System, I started the search for Bertie’s membership information. There are three ways to search: by member, by ancestor and by descendant. I tried the Member search first, but it required a member number which I didn’t have. Then I tried the Ancestor search. This didn’t yield any results either, because it searches by the named patriot ancestor of the member. The Descendants search was the one I needed to use. Searching for Bertie Askew turned up no results, but by using her married name of Bertie Henderson I hit pay dirt.

The results of the search showed enough information, including her father’s and mother’s names and birth dates, that I knew I had the correct person. It also gave me Bertie’s DAR member number. There was also a link to order a copy of the record. It was so easy!

What I learned from the application included information about her mother’s ancestry going back to Bertie’s great-great-grandfather. It also confirmed that her mother had been married before. Bertie listed her parents as Charles T. Askew, born in 1857 and Lila Skinner, born April 26, 1855, and married in 1882. Prior to this, I had Lila’s last name as Dodson. I suspected that she had been married once before, because she reported two marriages on the 1910 census record. Now I knew that her first husband’s last name was Dodson and her maiden name was Skinner. Here is all the information from the application:

  • I am the daughter of Charles T. Askew, born 1857, died 1905 and his wife Lila Skinner, born April 26, 1855, died May 4, 1923, married 1882.
  • Lila Skinner was the daughter of William Skinner, born January 20, 1811, died (blank) and his wife Eliza Saulsbury, born March 4, 1815, died May 1, 1855, married November 7, 1833.
  • William Skinner was the son of Zachariah Skinner, born March 13, 1787, died May 19, 1864 and his wife Hannah Bond Jones, born (blank), died (blank), married March 22, 1810.
  • Zachariah Skinner was the son of William Skinner (a recognized patriot), born 1741, died February 20, 1813, and his second wife Elizabeth Fookes (Stewart), born October 5, 1756, died (blank), married December 21, 1781. She was the widow of John T. Stewart. William Skinner was married first to Elizabeth Jones.
  • Elizabeth Jones and William Skinner had a son, Thomas Skinner, born February 2, 1772 who married Sally Lee on February 16, 1800.
  • Elizabeth Fookes Stewart and William Skinner had the following children:
  1. Polly Hamilton Skinner, born October 6, 1782 who married Eggleston Brown.
  2. James Fookes Skinner, born September 5, 1784 who married Nancy Pattison.
  3. Zachariah Skinner, born March 13, 1787 who married Hannah Bond Jones.
  4. Margaret Skinner, born January 23, 1790 who married Thomas Goslin.
  5. William Skinner, born February 6, 1792 who married Beckie Pattison.
  6. Sarah Skinner, born March 1, 1794 who married Minos Conaway.
  7. Ann Skinner, born June 27, 1797 who married Samuel Pattison.
  8. Elizabeth Skinner, born November 20, 1800 who married Stephen Hurst.
  • William Skinner of Dorchester Co (Maryland) was one of those who took the “Oath of Fidelity” in March, 1778 as entered on the original manuscript returns made by Thomas Jones.
  • William Skinner’s grave is still on the old estate known as “Fooke’s Resolution” on Fishing Creek, Dorchester Co. MD. On his tombstone the inscription contains this date – William Skinner born 1741, died 1813.
  • William Skinner’s DAR ancestor number is A104895.
  • Bertie Askew Henderson’s DAR number is 167714.

I found it interesting that Bertie stated that her father, Charles T. Askew, died in 1905. As you can see from earlier posts on this blog, I feel strongly that he was living in California at this time. What she really knew about her father will probably remain a mystery.

Although at least some of this information has been verified by the DAR, I will try to find corroboration with primary sources before I take it as being factual.

The DAR Library website makes it very easy to find and order copies of membership applications. You can do it all online, or by mail or fax. The cost is $10 per record, if you order online, or $15 by mail or fax. I used the easy online system and downloaded the copy immediately. Unfortunately, I can’t show you what the copy of the application looks like. According to the restrictions listed on the DAR website:

Copies of NSDAR membership applications or supplemental applicationsmay not be resold, digitized, posted online, or published in any form.

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