Charles Thompson Askew (1858-1922)

First Generation

1. Charles Thompson ASKEW. Born on 30 November 1858 in Raleigh, NC. Died in Sierra Madre, California, on 31 December 1922. Buried in Altadena, California.

On 19 December 1882 when Charles T. was 24, he first married Lila SKINNER (Dodson), daughter of William SKINNER & Eliza SAULSBURY, in Baltimore, Maryland. Born on 26 April 1855 in Maryland; Lila died on 4 May 1923.

They had one child:

     2  Bertha (Bertie) Corinne (1883-1935)

About 1900 Charles T. second married Edith M UNKNOWN. Born in 1872 in England.

They had one child:

     3  Charles Emerson (1900-1979)

Second Generation 

2. Bertha (Bertie) Corinne ASKEW. Born in July, 1883 in North Carolina; died 28 December 1935; education: Goucher College 1902-1903.

On 7 June 1904 when Bertha (Bertie) Corinne was 20, she married Daniel McIntyre HENDERSON in Baltimore, Maryland.

They had one child:

     4  Ruth

3. Charles Emerson ASKEW. Born on 18 Aug 1900 in New York. Charles Emerson died in Los Angeles, California, on 7 May 1979.

About 1922 when Charles Emerson was 21, he first married Helen VanVleck.

They had one child:

     5  Helen Edith (1925-1996)

About 1929 when Charles Emerson was 28, he second married Freda Irene COLE, daughter of Elmer COLE & Emma UNKNOWN. Born on 17 Oct 1905 in California. Freda died in California on 10 Sep 1975.

They had one child:

     6  Betty Jean. Born on 30 Sep 1929 in Los Angeles County, California.

Third Generation 

4. Ruth HENDERSON. Education: Kent Place School, Summit; Swarthmore College; Columbia Teachers College.

On 31 Jul 1937 Ruth married H Woodward McDOWELL, son of Ezra McDOWELL & UNKNOWN, in New York.



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